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The Speech Solution  


Infovox 2xx and 3xx


> Download Evaluation Versions


Evaluation version of Infovox Desktop :

1. Download the engine :

Infovox Desktop Version 1.1

Update to Desktop 1.3
what is new

Requires Infovox Desktop 1.1
to be installed
Infovox Desktop update 1.3

2. Download the voice :

User's Guide Manual.

Evaluation version of Infovox 310 :

1. Download the engine :

Infovox 310 Version 2.1
The User manual is found with the installer

2. Download the voice :


Evaluation version of Infovox 230 :

Download the engine (all languages in one file).
User's Guide : Word or RTF version

Evaluation version of Infovox 210 :

1. Download the engine :

Infovox 210 Version 2.1

2. Download the voice :

User's Guide Manual.


> Wav files

Listen to a sample text. Click on the chosen file name and load the corresponding 16 bit sound file.

Diphone based text-to-speech software, built with a library of pre-recorded human speech diphones, for even improved naturalness is delivered as Infovox 330:


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